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Clean up a Hacked Joomla Installation

Good Job, we will work again with Kico. Thank you.

— Peter (Dec 2017)

New Website for Paradise Shores

Kico and his team were wonderful to work with. Kico was always available to give me a feedback and help me to decide what needed to be done. He is proactive and very knowledgeable.
I actually hired him again for another project and will continue hiring him for my future needs.
Highly recommended!

— Veronika (Sep 2016 - Mar 2017)

Joomla YooTheme Website Clone of external website

Kico is a Joomla expert. His communications skills are flawless and his perfect English ensured this project ran flawlessly from start to finish. He is our go-to guy for Joomla development.

— Brendan (Dec 2017 - Jan 2018)

Joomla YooTheme Template Design from HTML/CSS

Kico is a great guy to work with. Excellent skillset and communications throughout this project.

— Brendan (Dec 2016)

Creation of Two Pages in Joomla

Kico is the kind of contractor you look for. He was quick and efficient in getting the task done, communicated well and detailed oriented. We will continue to work with him on future projects.

— Phillip (Aug 2016 - Sep 2016)

Joomla Migration and Customization

Amazing vendor to work with. He is first of all professional and dedicated, besides knowing website development very well. We worked with him to get our new Joomla based website up and running and he did an incredible job. He worked fast, and was readily available to discuss anything that we needed to explore. We will be in touch on a regular basis for more work.

— Phil, J (Mar 2016 - Aug 2016)

Hourly Contract

Kico was always easy to work with and able to deliver! Would hire again.

— Paulina (Feb 2015 - Aug 2016)

Joomla Website

Very good work. Will hire again. Thank you very much!

— Poly, F (Mar 2016 - May 2016)

Engineered Comfort Website

Another successful project from Kico!

— Chris, G (May 2015 - Jul 2015)

Coin Joomla Site

Another great one from Kico! Thank you.

— Clive (Jun 2015)

Upgrade 1.5 Joomla Website

Kico is very professional and a pleasure to work with. We will definitely be hiring him again for another project in the future.

— Conor R. (May 2015 - Jun 2015)

Migration of existing website to Joomla platform.

We're very happy with the work that has been done. Very good communication, and Kico is always trying his best to deliver 100%. If something isn't working he will go out of his way to make it work. Kico has our strongest recommendations and we will hire him for our next large project.

— Terje (Apr 2015 - May 2015)

J&S Joomla Site

I hesitate to give Kico such a glowing review because I need him to be available for my projects... but he is the man - communicates well, has hit all my deadlines perfectly and does super solid work. Very glad to have him on my team!

— Kevin B. (May 2015)

Blogmetrics.org responsive design - Joomla Developer

Excellent quality of work. Highly recommended. Completed the job with a very tight deadline.

— Foster (Apr 2015)

Joomla responsive web design expert needed

Excellent work, impressive communication skills. Very happy with the results.

— Khalid (Mar 2015 - Apr 2015)

Let´s start with our new Joomla-Website and go on to many other website jobs

I am impressed by the extremly good and fast work. Communication was always perfect and very kind. Cooperation will definitely continue! Thank you so much!

— Klaus, S (Mar 2015 - Apr 2015)

Joomla Management

Kico is an integral part of our team and will continue to be so in the future.

— Chloe, D (May 2013 - Apr 2015)

CRS Web Development

Very respectful and professional person to work with. He values long term working relationships which is what we are looking for in a freelancer.

— Lucas, V. (Jan 2015 - Feb 2015)

Responsive homepage with Joomla CMS

Very fast, skillful in execution and kept a tight deadline. I would definitely recommend this team for Joomla tasks. They were able to pick the job up and begin within a few hours and finish it in just a couple of days.

— Valentin (Feb 2015)

Joomla Update

Great job, a pleasure to work with Kico!

— Jeremy V. (Jan 2015)

Joomla Website Management

Ending hourly contract to hire for another fixed rate contract. Quick to respond to emails, and great work ethic!

— Tatiana B. (Jan 2015)

Update Joomla 2.5 website to 3 Series

Another successful project completed by Kico!

— Justin Spike (Dec 2014)

Upgrade 1.5 Joomla Website

Another great project done by Kico! About to hire him again for another project!

— Bryan (Dec 2014)

Upgrade Clients' Joomla Website

Kico has great English, completed the job on time, and was very professional. We are already hiring him for our next project. Great Work Kico!

— Kelly (Dec 2014)

Website Upgrade, Refresh, Make up

It is always a pleasure to work with Kice! Good designer, quick, perfect responsive and great jobs! Expect more future work !! Thanks Kice!

— Samantha Rosco (Aug 2012 - Jan 2013)


If your looking to have Joomla 2.5 work completed using Sobi Pro this should be your first stop. This Contractor exceeded my expectations and I have already hired him for another project. Top Marks and always available and so very polite.

— Kevin (Dec 2012 - Jan 2013)

Upgrade Joomla sites

He was able to upgrade a complex Joomla 1 to Joomla 2.5 site with template, all for a reasonable price.

— Mr. Gordon (Jan 2013)

Freelancer to work on this weekend..

Excellent work, Will hire again....

— Brie Williams (Nov 2012)

New design for =- Skopje 2014 - http://skopje2014.com -=

Kice once again did an excellent new web site for my business. Check it out... http://www.skopje2014.com/

— Rade Dimovski

Recreate and Modify my current Website on Godaddy.com's Website Tonight

Kico is the best Elance contractor I have worked with. His work is excellent & most importantly he listens to what you need. He was the only Elance contractor who responded to my project with understanding to what I needed. He addressed each and every modification that I requested with excellent precision. I would highly recommend him to others and I will definitely be using his services again in the future.

— Jan Block (Sep 2012 - Oct 2012)

Brand presentation page

A pleasure to have worked with Kice. Quick, excellent job (better than expected) and very good communication with him. I will definitely work with him again and soon!

— Lenka Pingova (Sep 2012)

Joomla Management

Kico is a good worker and we will continue to use his services.

— mr. Boyle (Sep 2012)

Website upgrade, refresh, make up

I will use Kice's services for all Joomla related projects we have. PERFECT !!

— Ricky (Aug 2012)

Joomla website

Good programmer. I am satisfied with his job.

— Kevin (Aug 2012)

Customise a Joomla Template

Very good contractor

— Justin Kyle (Aug 2012)

Website changes

The easiest person to work with and I had many people working for my website since I have it. Very quick, professional and great manners, helpful in every way and even if he doesnt have an answer to a question in that moment he will come back to you with one. I will keep him on my top list and when I will need something else done on my web, he is the one who will get the job. Highly recommended!

— Joe Smith (Jul 2012)

Business4Corporate.co.uk Joomla CMS

A very competent web developer. Was willing to put in very long hours and in the end produced an excellent website. He also demonstrated incredible patient to put up with frustrations which may have been caused by our company. Tell him exactly what you want and he will do it for you.

— Business for Corporate (May 2012 - Jun 2012)

Need joomla expert

Kice did the job professional in the record time and on the budget, Will highly recommend Kice and I will defiantly hire him in the future . Keep up with the excellent job.

— Joomla Expert (May 2012)

Joomla site - Read more page

Contractor was very professional & did the project as per requirement. He was helpful with suggestions & delivered a good product for my client. I will recommend and use him again. Thanks!

— Joomla Contractor (Apr 2012 - May 2012)

Require Cosmetic Changes to website using Joomla 15 & Sobi2

Kico has done some awesome work, in aligning and customizing my Joomla 15 website. Would highly recommend him and will intime higher him again.

— mr. Todd  (Apr 2012)